Contextual marketing is truly the convergence of technology with smart strategy. This form of advertising puts your messaging directly in front of media that your consumers view all the time, in the form of banner ads, text, and other elements. Imagine that you’ve been considering a trip to Europe for several weeks, and suddenly you start seeing advertisements for flight deals to France. This is the new reality we live in.

Past forms of marketing tend to be product or service centric, while contextual marketing is customer-centric. Contextual marketing uses real time data and location intelligence to help build user profiles which facilitate intelligent interaction between a brand and their potential customers. It’s powerful because it allows the viewer to see relevant and targeted information rather than sift through internet noise.

Our experts understand the intersection of data, automation, mobile devices and social media required to build successful contextual marketing strategies. We also focus on tracking, reporting, and continuous learning and improvement, to make sure your marketing investment realizes a positive return.