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The eMedia Group content and community network delivers remarkable results with a proven reliable cross-platform, channel-specific solutions.

Proficient and in love with; CPM’s, CPC’s, CPL’s, CPA’s – performance, display, non-US, Niche, data acquisition, installs – bring it on!

Our reach is long and deep, we do not start-and-stroll from campaigns, we work with our partners by advising, documenting and understanding the marketplace – we’re not into wasting time or efforts.


Contextual marketing is truly the convergence of technology with smart strategy. This form of advertising puts your messaging directly in front of media that your consumers view all the time, [...]


Precise targeting across multiple devices - that's a winning strategy for engaging consumers and amplifying media activity. According to a 2016 article in Forbes, programmatic advertising is projected to grow [...]

Email Marketing

You know that email is an effective way to reach customers. The start of a smart email strategy is a healthy and relevant email list. Collecting, segmenting, and managing lists [...]

Custom Reporting

Collecting data is great. Using it to enhance marketing efforts is what puts successful companies ahead of the rest. Each of our services include intuitive custom reporting so that you [...]


Retargeting helps you stay top-of-mind with potential customers or buyers after they leave your website. For most ecommerce sites, less than 2% of traffic converts on a first visit - [...]



We monetize well over 50,000,000 impressions per day across our proprietary network and for top tiered properties in the US and abroad – all we’re missing is you! 

Do yourself a favor and contact us if you have niche inventory that is difficult to fill or are just frustrated with managing the premium buys and the exchanges, we have the solutions, technology, relationships and yes simple and daily reporting to simplify your life. 


Native advertising is where form meets function. In this progressive form of advertising, the marketing experience follows the natural path of the user experience in which it is placed. These [...]

Premium Campaigns

You know that to make an impact, your message needs to reach a relevant and interested audience, at the right time. Reaching those viewers on top tier sites can prove [...]

Online Reports

Real insight equals actionable results. Every service we provide includes custom online reporting built on Google, that clients can access any time. Reports are unique to each campaign and provide [...]


Now more than ever before, companies are able to strategically target customers. Through the use of the extensive data available, businesses and agencies alike can build consumer profiles, extend their [...]


Effective marketing breaks boundaries. Several studies show that online advertising has surpassed traditional forms and will continue to do so. Old-school channels don’t cut it anymore. To win market share [...]

Web Design

Today’s commerce is conducted online. Companies who win market share are those that understand their customers and design quality experiences for them. Websites cannot just provide information - they need [...]

Let’s Work Together

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Since 1996 our seasoned team has managed digital advertising for global brands. We focus on excellence and our results speak for themselves.

We’re experts in every online platform and we generate positive returns and exciting results. We apply decades of multi-channel advertising expertise to email, social, and ppc advertising.

We’re data nerds: We understand how to access, mine, and leverage key data to build winning marketing strategies. We know how to craft campaigns, but we also measure them and create custom reports that ensure you’ll reach relevant targets at the right time – providing the highest returns on your advertising dollars.

We’re client-centric: As a company we value integrity, intelligence, and passion. We put our clients first and that’s the primary thing you’ll notice when you work with us. We provide transparency, support, and a customer-first attitude in everything we do.

We just get it: We’ve spent decades refining our skills in the digital advertising space. We stay up to date, so you don’t have to. We understand the results you’re looking for, and we know how to achieve them. You focus on running your business, we’ll focus on growing it.

We’re different, and we want to show you how. Contact us to learn about our solutions, our products, or our people.